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Win an Ooni Pro Pizza Oven!

I’ve partnered up with Ooni to shoot a four-part video series, which includes a giveaway of their flagship model, the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven! Each video will post on my YouTube channel over the next three to four weeks. Keep an eye out and comment on one of the videos in the series to enter. […]

YouTube Cookbook Contest

It just so happens that I have an extra copy of the 804ork Volume 2 Cookbook that I’d like to send off to one of my lucky YouTube subscribers. Both volumes features a number of very talented Richmond, Virginia chefs including your’s truly. Go here to learn more about this cookbook series. There are only […]

Is Fresh Pasta Better Than Dried Pasta?

In my opinion, neither fresh or dried pasta is better than the other. They just have different use cases. I’ll try to quickly sum up my thoughts in a few paragraphs. Dried pasta is more readily available than fresh, which makes it great as a go-to for quick meals. One hallmark of superior quality is […]

5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Why

You’ll have no problem finding lists upon lists of “must-have” kitchen utensils. Most state the obvious: an 8 inch chefs knife, mixing bowls, a saute pan, etc. What about the tools most professional chefs swear by that could make a huge difference in your cooking at home? Below, I’ve listed five utensils that you probably […]