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Is Fresh Pasta Better Than Dried Pasta?

In my opinion, neither fresh or dried pasta is better than the other. They just have different use cases. I’ll try to quickly sum up my thoughts in a few paragraphs.

Dried pasta is more readily available than fresh, which makes it great as a go-to for quick meals. One hallmark of superior quality is a visible texture on the surface of the dried pasta. This means the producer extruded the dough through a bronze die rather than teflon. The texture helps to grab sauce and makes a huge difference in the overall success of your dish so don’t skimp. When cooked properly dried pasta has a firmer texture than fresh pasta and can stand up to heavier sauces like a heathy meat ragu. The one exception is Bolognese and that’s because milk is added to the sauce as it simmers.

Fresh pasta can be luxurious and velvety with a delicate “tooth”, but the process is damn laborious. I typically reserve fresh pasta making for celebratory dinners like Christmas or birthdays because making dough isn’t in the cards after a full day at the office or after post-weekend yard work. If and when you decide to splurge, I recommend pairing your fresh pasta with a simple dairy-based sauce. A few fresh herbs, some garlic, a splash of cream and a knob of butter is all you need to make a mind blowing, from-scratch dish for friends and family. Take it a step further with some fresh shaved truffle.