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Ancho-Cinnamon Chicken Wings

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I could polish off a few dozen chicken wings in one sitting without breaking a sweat, but I have a confession to make. I can’t stand wings drenched in sauce. I make a total mess and end up using an entire roll of paper towels in the process. A little drizzle of sauce is ok, but that’s it.  Some of you probably think I’m crazy, but that’s just my opinion. I

This recipe makes the most incredible dry-rubbed wing you’ll ever taste. I use a ground ancho chile and cinnamon mixture that infuses flavor into the chicken wings prior to cooking. It’s best to let them rest overnight for maximum flavor. I’m going to deep-fry the wings in this video, but you can grill or roast them too. Whatever’s most convenient or preferred.


Chicken Wings2 lbs.
Ancho Chile, Ground2 tsp
Cumin, Ground1 tsp
Coriander, Ground1 tsp
Cinnamon, Ground1/2 tsp
Kosher Salt15 grams
Fresh Thyme, Leaves1 tsp
Garlic, Minced2 cloves
Serrano Pepper, Finely Sliced1 each
Mexican Cremaas needed
Cilantro, Sprigsas needed


Create the dry rub by combining all of the dry ingredients in a small bowl. Clean the fresh thyme and give the leaves a quick chop. Finely chop the garlic cloves as well and add both items to the dry rub.

Toss the chicken wings with the dry rub making sure they are evenly coated. Wrap the bowl with plastic or transfer the wings to a different container and place them in the refrigerator overnight.

Rinse the wings off under cold water and dry well.  After that,  place the wings in a container and reserve. It’s important to ensure that the seasoned chicken wings are not wet before dropping them into hot frying oil.

Heat the frying oil to 225 degrees. Make sure that you only fill the pot halfway with oil or else you run the risk of it overflowing when you begin deep frying. Carefully drop the chicken wings into the hot oil and fry until they’ve reached an internal temp of 165 degrees. Transfer the “blanched” wings onto a tray and and place them in the fridge to cool.

Thinly slice the serrano pepper and pick some cilantro leaves. Reserve both items until just before serving.

Reheat the oil to a target temperature at 350 degrees, then add the “blanched” wings for a second round of deep frying. Cook them for 2 to 3 minutes or until the wings hit an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Strain and place the wings into an appropriate serving bowl.

Finish off the chicken wings with a drizzle of Mexican crema, thinly sliced serrano peppers and the picked cilantro leaves. If you can’t find Mexican crema at the store just thin out some sour cream with a little milk and that’ll do the trick.