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Preserved Lemons

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This preserved lemons recipe has never let me down. I always have a jar living in my kitchen somewhere. Essentially, the process makes a lemon pickle. Sounds weird I know, but you have to give them a try! The recipe makes one quart, but you can scale it to make however much you’d like!


Meyer Lemons8 to 9 each
Kosher Salt1/2 cup
Bay Leaves, fresh2 each
Cinnamon Stick1 each
Black Peppercorn10 each
Water (or lemon juice)as needed


Start by making two incisions (like an “X”) in each lemon stopping about a half an inch from the bottom. Open each lemon up and shove a tablespoon of kosher salt into each one of them. Do this over a bowl to catch any salt that falls out.

Begin filling a quart-sized mason jar with the seasoned lemons. Push down and squeeze on each one so it has a chance to release some of it’s juices into the jar. Mix in all of the aromatics while doing this.

Add the rest of the leftover salt to the jar and then pour in enough water to completely submerge the lemons.

Next, screw a lid onto the jar, turn it upside down and give it a few shakes. Place the jar in your pantry or refrigerator and let the lemons rest for at least 3 weeks.

NOTE: Personally, I just use the rind of the preserved lemon, but some have commented on my YouTube video that they use the pulp too.